Monday, July 27, 2015

Quick Question for You

Okay, asked on Facebook earlier today but figured I'd ask here as well.  I have been asked to do a write up on FASD.  Not from a professional standpoint...there's plenty of those.  But from a parent stand point.  If it were you adopting a child with FASD, what would you want to know?  It can be anything.  I want this to be a comprehensive piece yet it can get but so long.  What are some things  you wished you would have asked?  What were some things you wished someone could have told you in advance?  Really, anything?  Would like to pull some real questions that people often ask me but also want to hear questions that others may have.  So, please shoot some my way if you feel inclined.  I would greatly appreciate it.  I'll post it on here I suppose when I'm done.  And again, this is just a parent answering questions, not a psychologist.  And I am rather, umm, brutally honest when it comes to dealing with certain issues so we'll see how this all turns out.  Writing tomorrow while Logan's in surgery.  Have to be there at 6:30 am!  Yikes!  Too early for me.  He is first on the docket at the hospital so really can't be late.  More real posts later.  Just wanted this question asked. 

Mani Monday

Crazy, crazy day.  Trying to get more things in order b/c I know the next two days will be insane.

  • Surgery for Logan is tomorrow (first surgery for him)
  • Accomplished a lot of projects this past weekend
  • Waiting for pre-op team to call
  • Organizing week based on his surgery
  • Kids go to library this week
  • Going to try to get to the pool a few times
  • Going through all their winter/ fall clothes to see where we stand
  • Have made all doc appointments
  • Planning next year's trip
  • Filling out all sorts of grant stuff
  • Nik may get to do speech teletherapy
  • Max hears today about his potential job (lots applied apparently)
  • Max is still actively applying elsewhere
  • finally going to get to those museums this coming weekend
  • Youth group for kids
  • Looking into kids joining 4-H
  • Working on lawyer paperwork
  • Making AmazonWish List
  • Kids are growing like crazy
  • Sofie was mad I sold her clothes (you know, the 2 sizes too small ones)
  • Got Isabelle's new insurance cards with her name on them
  • Behind on writing thank yous
  • Need to get new social card for Isabelle
more to do  but in a hurry as filling out applications and lawyer stuff.  More posts forthcoming this evening.  Busy day to get stuff done and stupid pre-op team has yet to call w/ surgery time for Logan.  Did this last week and it got postponed.  We'll see soon.  More to come later.  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beauty Box, Blessing, and a Bench

Today is Friday.  Well, not for long.  LOL.  Busy day getting stuff done.  Had a wonderful visit with an dear friend and her kids.  Everyone enjoyed each others company.  Just a nice, nice time.  Bojan and Logan painted the entire playground.  Stained it with repair deck stain.  Looks new!  Remember, we combined two playgrounds into one.  Anyhow, getting stuff done. 

 I had never gotten one of these before.  So, decided to try it.

It's just $5 and girls and I really liked it for $5.  Facial wipes, hair spray stuff, pumice stone, full size masscara, fashion tape, hair bows, lip gloss.  Not a bad haul.

The other day a neighbor asked if we wanted some extra cucumbers and zucchini from their garden.  We said sure b/c we love cucumbers.  Aren't they beautiful?!  

This was the beginning stages of it.  Logan and Bojan sanded and then stained a bench Max made out of an old bed.  We're doing all sorts of projects that have fallen by the wayside recently.  Sofie.  No shoes on of course.  I think the child's feet are made of steel. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Artwork by Bojan & Logan

Interrupting vacation posts w/ here and now posts.  So, Logan and Bojan spent the week w/ Warren's parents.  Warren's mom is an artist by profession.  So, when the kids go to visit, they usually get to paint or sketch something to take home.  She guides them along.  These pieces turned out great.  She even framed them for us!  They are hanging in the house now. 

 This is Logan's artwork.  I love it!  The nature scenes are always great to me.  He signed it too.

Bojan got creative.  Sorry a terrible picture w/ the flash that I took.  Bojan painted a tree w/ all our names as the roots holding up the tree.  Love the idea.  This too is hanging up now in our house.  

I thought both boys did really well.  Love, love how they turned out.  CAn't wait to see if Alyona and Reni bring anything home as well.  Means a lot when the kids make things and think of their family to boot. 

Ohio-- We Made It

Continuing onward, we left WVA Friday and headed to Ohio.  Only takes three hours but I also had to leave once in Ohio with Kim to go pick up Alyona's surprise birthday cake for Saturday.  So, we got to the reunion and kids were dying not to go run to their friends but they knew we had to get the RV in order first.  Never seen them work so fast.  But then we had people coming to greet us even!  Fun, fun, fun.  And keep in mind, at this reunion, I really don't take a whole lot of pictures b/c I want to enjoy everyone and everything.

We all took turns with Nate.  This is Max getting them ice cream.

Despite the weather being iffy all weekend, they played and played outside.

Irina trying to photo bomb Nik.

Bojan and his buddy Nik.

Sofie.  Think she's happy about getting ice cream??

Bojan chit chatting w/ some other families.  One of those families we are rather close to.  Our kids and their kids are like brothers and sisters.  IT's great!  Too bad they live in TX.

Yes, that was the sky most the time.

And this is Summer and her friend goofing off with the stroller.  It was the friend's brother's stroller.  Her and Summer were buddy-buddy the entire weekend.  

So much so that Summer slept in their cabin!  I didn't see her all weekend in the RV.  LOL.  That is the great thing about this place...the friendships between families.  We had some kids in the RV/ tent while some of mine were scattered in cabins.  Was fantastic!  First night we all enjoyed a nacho bar dinner and ice creams for dessert.  Everyone was getting to know each other.  Families reconnecting from last year.  Adoption issues, non-adoption issues, everything.  Always peaceful and always refreshing being around other adoptive families. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WVA-- getting ready to head out

Well, next morning it was time to eat breakfast and hit the road to our next destination.

Girls weren't going anywhere.  They saw a spider.  Alex is digging in the back for it.

Spider captured, life can resume.

Coming back from a morning walk waiting to leave for Ohio.

Tired but they walked.  Trying to tire out Nate to lessen the crying.  He walked the entire campground twice.

Thinking this swinging him is not working.  LOL.

They do this to him but he LOVES it!  Right now, tired boy from all that walking.  At home, Max lifts him like this and Nate just laughs and laughs at it.  

And we are off to Ohio for the Bulgarian Reunion!  Next stop...Cincinnati.

WVA-- Campground Dinner Time

After a nice break in the lake, time to head back and eat.  Whenever we go camping, first night we always have burgers on the grill to kick it all off.  Always hits the spot after a long day of travel.

Anything wrong with this picture?  Should there really be fire on the ground?

 Hmm, what went wrong here Max is thinking.  Better here than like last year where Alex kicked the coals under the RV!

And it's time to eat after that long swim.  Notice,not everyone changed out of bathing suits.  Not when burgers, potato salad and chips await.  

Love it that Bojan prays even when on vacation.

Brothers.  Hmm, wonder if they'll be sick of each other by the end of the trip.

Sisters enjoying an evening meal and some chit chat.  Probably about all their friends they'll see tomorrow.

Nothing like coming back into the RV and finding Naked Ken hanging... by Sofie's chew tube no less.  The teens did this one.  Stay tuned for more trip pics.