Monday, November 30, 2015

Girls Day at the Salon, at Home

The other day, our friend came over.  See, she used to be a stylist.  She knows Isabelle loves to do hair and well, some of us needed to fix mullet girl for what she did to herself.  Sofie cut her own hair the other week.  Then Summer wanted  a trim b/c her sister got one.  Anyhow, it was very sweet for her to work with the kids and teach them something new.  Can't thank Ms. Tiffany enough for all she did to give the Boyd girls that extra pizazz.

Here she is getting ready to cut Sofie which is a miracle b/c Sofie is such a moving target.

Everyone watching, listening and learning how to cut hair.  This is good stuff!  

Sofie trying to keep her eyes shut.  She did pretty well.

Finally, her mullet was gone!

It really is a cute cut on her.  She looks so innocent and sweet.

i'll have to get a better picture later.  She wouldn't stand still.

So, Isabelle's hair is very dry.  She gave herself a treatment that was suggested by our therapist who has children w/ some dry hair.  It worked SO well.  Isabelle is happy we fixed the dry hair issue.

Sisters.  They really do love each other...most the time.

Nerves are showing as she is getting ready to cut her sister's hair!

Our friend giving us pointers on how it should be cut.  Summer waiting patiently as all is explained.

This is probably her first cut of many to come.  See, Isabelle wants to be a hair stylist when she gets older.  I think she will do fantastic at that profession.  She really does have a knack for it.  It was such a fun afternoon and we all learned a lot.  I even got my hair cut as well. 

Manic Monday

Goodness, long break is over and back to reality today.  Here goes:

  • call neurosurgery today. They said call neurology, so I did
  • called neuro for Alyona...earliest is Jan. 25th.  Message in to escalate
  • Nate goes to ENT next week for possible tubes
  • Irina goes to ENT next week to figure out ear issue w/ the glue
  • Cancelled my cardiology appt. b/c no longer live there
  • Max has doc appt. this week
  • Alex and Bojan have doc appts. this week
  • AWANAS/ youth group this week
  • therapies resume
  • need to take family Christmas picture
  • had an awesome Thanksgiving
  • lots of leftovers we are still eating
  • Max loves his new job at UPS
  • Irina still working
  • social worker comes this week
  • Christmas parade this week
  • going to a light show this weekend
  • lots of big decisions to make
  • Christmas tree is missing its top part so looks weird
much, much more but time is limited this evening.  I'll have more time to write tomorrow but Nate is in 'a mood.'  

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just in case you thought we were neat...

So, I take pictures.  And in some ways, it would appear our house is immaculate.  Umm, far from it!  So, thought I'd take pictures one night of just the kitchen area.  This is what it really looks like most the time.  Though usually kitchen is clean b/c Irina has OCD and hates it unorganized and messy.  She wasn't home when I took these pictures.

Hodge podge of paper work, school stuff, hair dryer (not even asking why), tortilla chips and just general stuff on there. 

I don't even know what's all on this side of the table. 

We had gotten stuff from the bread outlet this day so still several loaves that hadn't madeit to the freezer yet.  Notice the sink isn't all that far from that island.  Yet somehow, my children must think it is miles away as the plates only make it in most the time if reminded. 

How many dog gone pots do we need to cook with?!  Bigger kitchen, bigger space to mess up.  I just wanted you all to see an honest after picture of a typical evening. 

Sofie's Runner

Sofie has  a runner that runs for her.  Logs in miles on Sofie's behalf.  Her name is Mak and she is a remarkable 9yo girl that can really and truly run.  It's her passion.  She wins a lot of races as my kids say.  Sometimes, Mak will send Sofie her trophies or medals she gets from her races.  Sofie acts as though she won them herself!  Recently though, she sent a belated birthday gift for Sofie. 

That is one huge box!

Sofie wondering what is inside this big thing.

Sofie getting ready to open things.

And a crowd always forms when these boxes come.

I love how she is wondering what's in there.

Not sure what this face was.

Sofie got shoes from Mak and stickers.  Summer wears the shoes and loves them. B/c Mak wore them, she says she can now run fast.

The balloon though was by far her favorite gift!

Sofie literally would not let go of the balloon.  As you can see, thrilled with it all.  She still has the balloon btw.  Was very sweet of Mak to run for Sofie.  Sofie will run around the kitchen saying she runs like Mak.  Love it!  One day we hope to meet her in person.  Alex and Logan have even challenged her to a race!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Just like our previous Chaos Manor, this new Chaos Manor has become a hang out place here adn there for teens it seems.  Like a revolving door really.  But, I take that as a good sign.  Plus, fun having them around at times and seeing how they all interact.  Some of Bojan's friends come here from time to time.  Two of the girls are super sweet and have wonderful personalities. They even put up wtih Sofie and Summer bugging them and asking them tons of questions.  One day all of them were out doing homework at the picnic table with Sofie and Summer on their laps!  LOL.  Last time they were here, Bojan and Reni made homemade soft pretzels.  Turned into pretzel logs though as they got lazy to make the pretzel shapes.  Still tasted good. 

Poor girl didn't stand a chance w/ two brothers  tag teaming and goofing off.  Trying to be serious here.

Trying to make evil faces without laughing.  Pretzel logs in the background.

Smiles and a goofy smile from Max trying not to laugh while making an 'evil' face.  Important thing was they all had fun.  And the kitchen was jumping with activity b/c everyone was in there.  It was not just these three goofing around.  I had a kitchen full of antics going on.  But, I know where they all are, don't have to worry about what they're up to, etc.  So it may be noisy but I take it as a good sign. 

Trip to the ER-- Irina

Today is Saturday and sorry for the lapse but it was Thanksgiving.  Will get back to that shortly.  This evening Warren took Irina to the ER.  Now, let me back up a bit.  Aug. 30th, IRina went to the ER for accidentally pouring super glue in her ear.  Thought is was ear drops but was nail glue (aka super glue).  Over the course of the next few months, she had multiple rounds of antibiotics, surgery, ear drops, etc. to no avail.  It is now getting worse.  Pain level high and pain moving into the jawline.   She has blood and puss coming from her ear.  Loss of hearing.  (proven by audiogram I might add).  It is not good and the only thing I have been getting from her ENT is let it heal on its own.  Last time I went on Nov. 5th with her, he said he'd contact his colleagues at Duke since this was such a rare case and not getting any better.  He said Duke would call me.  It is Nov. 28th and no phone call yet.   Today, they went to the ER and same old story.  Can only give local referrals not to Duke.  Really, but sorry the local ENT is the one who did the surgery and who has not gotten the help promised to me.  Left with a another round of antibiotics this evening and ear drops.  Of course the same exact ones.   Monday, we will be calling Duke ENT and if nothing comes of it, Duke patient relations as someone is dropping the ball big time here and my daughter may have irreversible damage to her ear.  Just very frustrated with it all.

Next in line to doc is Alyona Monday morning.  Sounding like another tethered cord or CSF leak.  Either way, not the best thing as you know.  Need to get these girls on the meds.  Nate's tubes will be put on the back burner as low priority till these more dire issues are resolved with the girls.  I feel Christmas season is going to be surgery season once more.  Keep you all posted.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Night Before Thanksgiving

Clearly with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I am not writing 5 posts again this evening.  Sorry, but I still have sugar cookies and stuffing to make so posts are not happening.  We'll have around thirty people here tomorrow so really not that bad at all.  Kids and I have been prepping all day.  None of which was cleaning the house.  And at this rate, probably not happening.  My kids were too excited about making a welcome sign out of sidewalk chaulk so I went with it.  We warn people before they come here, we LIVE in this home.  It is NOT for show, but for living and daily adventures.  Take it or leave it.  Want immaculate home with kids, you may have to live in a museum.  Yes, we clean every week but we definitely don't have our home as a show place so to speak.  Chaos Manor is who we are. 

Yes, kids this is much more productive than helping clean up.  That was the extent of sweeping the floors.

Nik and Alex putting candy in party favors.

Aren't they super cute!  A dear friend sent them to us to put together and fill up.  Very sweet and kids had a good time doing it too.

Ms. Bettie came over to help out.  Logan showing her the blog for the first time.
Alaska doing her part of just laying there guarding the door.

Not sure what these two were doing.

Reni and Alyona making chocolate cream pies.  In pajamas of course.

I don't see why I'm worried about ever turning heat on in this place.  Sofie is in shorts, t-shirt and boots.  She was this happy all day long b/c of the balloon Mak gave her.  A belated birthday present that was nothing but smiles from Sofie.  

Reni and Isabelle adding some art work.  They wanted to welcome guests.

Sofie overseeing their work.  She would not let go of that balloon all day. 

That took a lot of chalk.  They did art work in various places in the driveway and sidewalks.

Our gardener (aka, Logan) has done an awesome job upkeeping our yard.  He takes it very seriously.

And slowly, we are thinking of what we're going to do for decorations for Christmas.  For now, going to have a relaxing Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving from Chaos Manor!