Friday, October 17, 2014


Well, no exciting title there, huh?  So, today kids have Civil War History class.  I usually take them and their friends.  However, this morning was somewhat crazy so my friend took them which was a relief.  Meantime, some days are just crazy anyhow.  Little Guy was in a very cranky mood and Max obviously needed to go to the urgent care as swelling had not subsided.  Yesterday at work, hornets got under his work gloves and stung him repeatedly. This morning, still swollen even after benedryl.  They gave him a shot of benedryl, shot of cortisone, and starting on prednisone tomorrow.  He had more benedryl this evening and the hand is still super swollen.  Took a picture on the ipad but can't get the pics to transfer to here.  Needless to say, Max has been pretty doped up all day and sleeping most of it. 

Kids went to class and them and their friends came to hang out. They made us brownies.  Yum.  We all ate lunch together. Then, speech therapist came.  In addition, a new OT came for evals for Sofie, Summer and Little Guy.  Can't wait to get started on some things.  Next week!  Kids played most the day.

Tomorrow is a really busy day with us going to Camp Woodbine.  Can't wait!  So much fun each year.  I'll have pictures tomorrow so be ready.  Supposed to be a beautiful sunny Carolina day and cool weather.  Well, nice weather.  In the 70's.  Perfect for being outside all day.  Kids are very ready to go and have some fun.  Working on a bunch of stuff tomorrow afternoon as well.  So much to catch up on on this blog. One day at a time.  I'm just thrilled we get to go out tomorrow and everyone enjoy themselves.  Makes things pleasant.  How lucky are we?!  Got to go to sleep.  Have to be up early.  More to come.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sticky, Silly & Sweet Potatoes

Hey, two posts today.  I'm on a roll.  Well, not really.  Just avoiding work around the house.  And, Little Guy is up but Irina missed him all day as she was at work.  So, she's rocking him.  So, not going to be a long post.  Still have a bunch to get done.  For now, a few pictures.

Another parenting lesson for a parent of a child with FAS.  Always give explicit instructions.  Don't just say put the glue back in the drawer.  First say, put the lid back on the glue.  Thank you Sofie.  BTW, it is still there as we are waiting for the stupid glue to dry in order to pull it apart.  

Max just being goofy.  We were all goofing around and I snapped a picture.  He was just happy.  Don't get too many of him nowadays as he's at work all day.  Tired when he gets home.  But, still spends time w/ his sibs and even playing with his new baby brother.  Umm, didn't like him when he first came.  Hey, being honest.  Now, he'll take Little Guy and play with him or throw him over his shoulders and run around the house w/ him.  Little Guy laughs like crazy when he does that.  Be patient out there, as sometimes, bonding is not instantaneous amongst sibs especially when such an age gap.  Just happy it happened.  

Warren with sweet potatoes.

More peeling of sweet potatoes.  What you may not understand is a friend took some of my kids to glean the fields of the sweet potatoes.  It is where the machine has already picked them and you can go to the fields if you have permission from the farmers and pick what is leftover.  Plenty for everyone.  And I mean plenty.  We got literally a trailer full!  Been processing for weeks now. LOL.  Gave a bunch away but still have a ton.  We make sweet potatoes fries, store some, mush some up for pies later and things of that nature.  Some of my peelers in the kitchen.  For awhile we had washers...Sofie, Summer and Nik.  Peelers... houseguest, Irina, Alex & Logan.  Cutters...Bojan, Reni and myself.  Packager.... Alyona.  Warren as fill in.  It works.  We have a supply now which is great for the upcoming winter months.  This weekend, we will experiment with making our own tortillas and freezing them.  We make our own pizza dough and love it.  We are learning.  More posts to come. 

Seeing Stars

Homeschool is trucking right along. Figuring out where everyone is.  We do science and history together but other other subjects such as math, English and spelling are separate.  This week we are on constellations, planets and pretty much astronomy.  We will be going to the planetarium at some point but it is an expense to save for even w/ discount membership fees.  Hoping to catch a groupon deal at some point but really want to go this month.  We'll see.  The other thing we do is hands on projects here and there.  Some simple, some more challenging.  The one we did this week was very easy but got the point across of how people see constellations. 

Alex trying to decide what design he will make.  Eventually, he went with warrior.

All of them working on their own designs.  Simple but gets creative juices flowing.  Notice most are still in pajamas.  LOL.

Nik wants more toothpicks and wants a three dimensional design.

Never too young to start learning.

Still working hard and realizing they'll need many more marshmallows to complete it.  Plus, more they use, more they get to eat!  And ignore those bananas that seemed to have gone south.

Nik's was believe it or not, well built.  Kids were amazed he could throw it up in the air again and again and not have it break.

Alyona wanted to make a kite as did Summer.  Was a nice looking project and got the morning started right.  Next few weeks is anatomy for science to lots of projects for that one.  I want to do dissection as well.  Just want to make sure they don't play Frankenstein one day and get their own frogs to dissect.  LOL.  

History we are on the Revolutionary War while my kids are simultaneously enrolled in a Civil War class for homeschool.  It's great for them to get in a class setting every once in awhile as well.  And, they do lots of hands on with that class too.  We plan on going to a local battlefield as well for the Civil War Class.  I think I may do the chef math book I have.  All have areas of weakness in math and well, need to make some of it fun or I'll lose my mind too.  We did some pre-algebra worksheets today as well as some doing regrouping in subtraction.  I was spent the rest of the afternoon.  Tomorrow is Friday and we have Civil War class.  Picking up Reni's glasses in teh morning before we go.  Have speech therapy tomorrow as well as a little boy coming over I watch occasionally.  Think we'll all be busy.  On Saturday, we have Camp Woodbine.  So much fun.  A day out. Irina and Bojan are volunteers this year.  Rest are participating.  Supposed to be gorgeous out.  Can't wait.  Neither can the kids. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Banjo, beater, braids & bling

Hey, must start back somewhere, huh?  Been beyond busy lately but this is life.  So, decided to just jump right back into blogging as need to.  Been a long few weeks. 

So Max brought home a banjo from work the other day from one of the houses.  Needs some new strings but Nik didn't care.  Warren had actually always wanted a banjo.  Nik has been picking it up and trying to play it ever since.  I'm sure a youtube video is in his future to learn how to play it.  

Sofie got to lick the beater on her birthday.  A favorite for her to be sure!  Any kid really.  

Well, Houseguest is our in house stylist to be sure.  She can braid like there's no tomorrow!  Unreal some of the creations she's done.  I'll have to really take some pics.  It's awesome to be sure.  Fishtail braids and all.  Here, it is just regular braids and french braids.  She'll sit down and do all the girls' hair.  Maybe we'll look decent for our next family picture for a change.  

Summer with some of her bling.  The other day I was at a consignment shop.  I have been looking for these beads every since I got them last Christmas.  The girls LOVE them!  Found some and bought them.  Made their day to be sure.  They design new necklaces/ bracelets every single day.  Hope to find some more one day.  Pink really is a great color on Summer, isn't it?  

There is much more to come.  Today is Wednesday.  So, had youth group and the boys had tae kwon do.  Not to mention I babysit a little boy here and there so time finding is getting tougher.  All are doing fairly well.  Windows are finally open and we are surely ready for fall.  More posts coming.  Just need like four hours more in a day.  LOL.  Catch you all up at happenings at Chaos Manor soon enough. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Miscellaneous Pictures

Today we went to Duke Genetics.  That post is for another day.  It was a long day and that is all I'll say about that.  Anyhow, a few pics from last week.  Need time to digest a few things before I write a real post.  So, lucky that there are just pictures for now.   Here goes nothing.

Kids thought this was cool.  Wrote their names w/ chocolate syrup on top of vanilla yogurt.  Hit.

Nik showing off his bowl of goodness.

Summer being a wonderful big sister feeding Little Guy.  This is a huge moment for Summer.

There's evil a foot I tell you!  These two can cook up all sorts of mischief.

Nik on his bed.  Was a huge blessing to get this bed from a friend.  He loves it!  We're studying planets so Nik made his own to hang above his bed.  He always wanted one of those projectors.  Maybe one year.  Dying to take him to the planetarium.

Nik very proud of his creation.  Cut out the letters and duck taped them to the walls himself.  Notice his Shaun the Sheep pictures and of course Halloween ones.  He's a trip.  He and Little Guy share a room and since Nik can do whatever he wants, he gets free range of decor.

Sofie and Summer getting ready to go out.  They wanted to show me their hair.  Not sure why Sofie looked drugged.  LOL.  These two are something else.  If you follow on Facebook, you know of their escapades from time to time.  I will never grow old with these two.  

More to come. Tomorrow, we are at orthopedics for Little Guy.  Last week was excellent news w/ Alyona.  Hoping for the same tomorrow but I know better.  May come home w/ a walker which would be awesome.  Visit to dentist w/ rest of kids and probably prosthetist too.  And, tae kwon do tomorrow night.  Did I mention cupboards are bare so we must go grocery shopping somewhere in there.  And Max and I need to pick up our glasses.  Max is hopping to do that b/c he will be getting his license VERY soon once we get the glasses!  He is excited.  Life is moving right along here. Bojan is in a club and they are gleaning sweet potatoes this weekend and giving them to a food bank then.  My friend took most my kids today while I was at Duke w/ Little Guy.  They went to the fields and had a blast gleaning sweet potatoes. I will be freezing them for french fries tomorrow and keeping some for bread and just plain sweet potatoes.  Should have enough of a supply for a few months and did not cost us a dime.  Just some child labor which they loved to do.  So much so, they want to go tomorrow.  Need to head to bed.  Duke tomorrow as well.  Frequent visitors should at least get a punch card for a free lunch. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Manic Monday

Been a fairly busy time at Chaos Manor.  Today was no different.  Keeping this short as I have a genetics appointment for Little Guy in the morning.  Here goes Monday:

  • Sofie threw up this morning
  • Sofie went to doc.  Red & bulging ear infection yet never said her ear hurt.  Doc can not understand it.  That's my girl.  Antibiotics.  Also has respiratory infection.  However, not contagious so we're good.
  • Summer is also croupy sounding but she is perfectly fine.  Running around like crazy.
  • Had a beautiful weekend
  • Had a showing on the house but people thought it too much work for them
  • We scrubbed our house this past weekend and it looked awesome!
  • Little Guy has genetics and ortho apopintment
  • Got word of court date coming soon for Little Guy
  • Trying to play catch up on a variety of paperwork
  • Think I will finally take folks up on offer to help w/ items needed
  • PT eval for Little Guy this week
  • Speech this week
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Spanish
  • Working on finishing that interior paint job on the RV
  • Weather is so nice right now in NC
  • Selling some items to keep clearing clutter around here
  • Dogs are fine
  • Looking for some good fall/ winter recipes that won't break the bank
  • Going to Farmer's Market this week and all our other monthly shopping we dread
  • Bojan has joined many clubs at school and works at the library
  • Worked on math with Nik today.  Despite school saying it, no, he does not know subtraction.  He's getting it though.  
  • Sofie is anxious to learn.
  • Looking at some field trips very soon.
  • None of the kids want to move.  Still in our best interest to move.
  • Looking forward to a Halloween camping trip and Camp Woodbine for hearing impaired.
  • Ortho appointment at Duke for Little Guy.
  • Other half of the kids go to the dentist this week.
  • Kids want to try another youth group.  The elementary kids.  Middle & high schoolers are already in a youth group which they like.
  • Max & my glasses should be in this week.
  • Need to make eye doc appointment for Reni and Alyona this week.
So much more going on.  Bit by bit, getting things done.   It is a never ending list.  Really is.  Thankful for a lot these days.  More to come.  Tomorrow is a very big appointment.  Prognosis and what to expect.  Giving us a path to carve so to speak.  Lots of exciting things going on all at once. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunshine and A Broken Foot (sort of)

So, today we took it easy for the most part.  It was simply gorgeous weather outside.  Beautiful carolina blue skies and sunshine as far as the eye could see.  Slight breeze but in the 70's and you just wanted to be outside.  A local church put on a little event that we went to.  Took the little kids but Irina, Reni and Houseguest wanted to go as well.  Get out of the house and not stay w/ the boys.  We had a really good time together at such a simple event.  Even saw some old friends. 

Sofie wanted to help be the big sister and take her brother's diaper bag to the car.

Muddy the Mudcat was there.  A local baseball mascot.

Nik and Summer enjoying a lunch at the event.  We got to eat hotdogs on the grill, chips, soda, and fruit salad & dessert.  YUM!

Sofie playing a game.  Her hair is really growing like crazy.

Nik waiting for his turn. They got prizes too.

Reni and Irina.  They work well together.

My older girls really had fun w/ the cornhole game.  Need one of these for sure!  Houseguest, Reni & Irina would toss it to these two boys playing.  Just was a really nice event and we all had a relaxing time.

Well shoot.  the file won't upload.  Uploaded on Facebook but not here for some reason.  It is a picture of Bojan's broken foot. He busted the carbon fiber foot and the foot shell!  All he did was walk the dog.  So, Max took old parts and rigged it up till we can get the new one ordered.  Never dull.  Need to get going so only one post today.  Have a house showing tomorrow.