Thursday, March 5, 2015

Been a whirlwind of a week!

I know I have not written.  There is very good reason for that.  Tomorrow, we will find out if we are moving to another home or not.  Should find out tomorrow.  We are very nervous and scared and excited at the same time.  We went this past weekend to look at a few houses.  Fell in love with one of them.  Took the kids back the next day to see it.  All loved it despite their protests on the way up there.  This move would be huge leaving everything we love behind.  It will be hard.  Not going to lie.  Warren is still at the same job.  That would not change.  Going to Duke and UNC for medical care would not change.  Our primary doctor, dentist, eye doctor, therapists, etc. would all change.  All the people we have come to love and trust would change.  That part is very, very hard.  We all hate this part.  Friends we hold dear who mean the world for us and have done more for our kids than I can ever do for theirs.  We have had the opportunity to live in a wonderful area and been blessed with people with hearts of gold.  Truly, we have.  Not exaggerating.  And this is not a move across town where we would be able to visit often.  But in the long run, we must do what is best for the family as a whole and our kids that are slowly but surely growing up.  There will be lots to share once I know for certain we are moving.  Part of me wants it to fall through.  Not because I don't want the house but b/c I wouldn't have to leave them all behind.  All the friendships, all the places that know us, the kids' youth group they've come to love and much, much more.  It has been a whirlwind of a week and a big mix of emotions.  Just thought I'd share so you all didn't think we disappeared.  More to come  as soon as I find out more.  The weather has been awful this week and they've had no soccer practices.  Tomorrow is another two hour delay.  And we are totally dreading daylight savings time this weekend.  More to come in the next day or so. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What To Do When Not Sledding

Last week we had ice.  Not much else.  Ice.  Makes it hard to do stuff.  But, we did have fun sledding.  Afterwards though, you need ideas after the movie and popcorn thing fades.  So, here's a few.  

Well,  you can get into the homeschool cubbies so that all the work your siblings did the day before is out the window.

Reni and Summer trying to figure out how to cut the bead string.  They have a pile of beadsand were truly having a ton of fun with it. though, this string was giving them a fit.

You can make peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies.  Yumm!

Or, go back outside to goof around as Sofie and Summer did.

 Or, make ice balls.  NOT snowballs as there is no snow!  LOL.  This is all ice.

Agreement with these things was you could not throw at people.  Just the woods.  

Tons to do besides sled.  They had a great time last week in the ice.  Next posts tomorrow is about today's snow!  Pics with that as well.  Crazy week. Major snow headed this way tomorrow night.

Our GoFundMe Link for Camp Cheerio

This year, we need a little help getting to Camp Cheerio.  And, since taxes will not be in any time near that, we need to do what we can to raise funds to be able to go.  Girls and I are trying to find babysitting jobs and selling items online.  Too bad none of us has a true talent.  LOL.  But, even w/ doing those things, it will still not be enough.  We are trying to raise funds for us AND other families to be able to attend camp this year.  As some of you are well aware, this is more than 'just a camp.'  This is an incredible learning experience for parents.  The workshops we are able to attend are invaluable for our children to succeed in life.  So much I could say about going here.  This year though, we do need help to get there.  Like I said, we are doing all we can on this end.  We need $1000 to be able to attend. ($920 for camp and $80 for diesel to get there).  Anything we raise above that, will be handed over to the scholarship fund to enjoy the camp experience as well.  If we could just have folks give up one Starbucks coffee ($5) or even a lunch out ($10) we truly could reach our goal.  Just one of those items this month. Shoot, a bag of chips is $4 a bag now.  And please, if you can't donate, share the link.  Seeing the look on these kids when they are deaf/ HOH and being able to meet others like them for the first time is simply amazing.  We want to help give that gift to others.  Enough talking on my part.  Here is the link:  GoFundMe.  Thank you so much!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Manic Monday

It definitely felt like a Monday today.  No one but no one wanted to get out of bed even.  But, we managed.  Warren went to work as did Irina and Max.  Rest of us stayed home and worked on school work.  We even missed Homeschool Gym today. 

  • Cold here again
  • May snow in NC-- Wahoo!!!
  • Have an extra friend w/ us this week
  • Need to go grocery shopping
  • Cancelled Nik's devel. ped appointment (at times you have to decide what specialists are really needed)
  • Nik, Summer and Bojan go tomorrow for annual eye exams
  • Alex and Reni have soccer this week
  • Houseguest, Summer and Sofie have dance
  • Teens have youth group
  • Trying to raise funds for us to make it to Camp Cheerio this year
  • Girls and I trying to babysit to help raise funds
  • We are house hunting again (l-o-n-g story.  May be moving in April!)
  • Found three houses we like.  None local so we have bittersweet feelings on moving
  • Bojan, Alex and Logan want to do a fast for Youth Group in March.  
  • Insurance issues (denial claims)
  • Both van and car need an oil change
  • Need to do our taxes
  • Waiting on a court date for both adoptions
  • Life at a stand still till we find out about this move
Much more to share.  I have many things going on at once.  Need to get up early for eye appointments.  No biggie though.  House was clean.  I say was.  Alex has soccer tomorrow and a friend of the family is coming to stay for a few days starting tomorrow.  And must make it to the store before the madness.  These people go insane.  We are running out of food as we go to the store once a month.  About three days before we have to shop it always feel like we have ketchup and spices left.  You know, the good stuff is gone!  LOL.  Granted, still have plenty of meat and veggies but the munchies are out.   In other words, the bad for you stuff is gone.  The crackers, the fruit snacks, etc.  Have food, just don't have food that the teens want.  They were mad the other day b/c gasp, we ran out of tea and I made them have water.  We don't do soda here or drink mixes.  Mostly tea, water and milk.  Occasionally, juices.  Otherwise, water.  I do notice in the summer and fall when we have only fresh fruit & not really any munchies, no one misses them.  No one!  And that is great.  But, hard to find watermelon in the middle of winter or grapes or the like.  Frozen just does not cut it.  Got to get some sleep.  PIctures tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trying to find Someone Who Posted on Here

Someone responded in the Orenburg post awhile back about contacting us.  Would love to but can't figure out how.  Email us Matt at  This is someone who also adopted in 1999.  Thanks all. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And The Ice Arrives

Yesterday the ice came.  Only ice.  No snow.  Today, it snowed but not hardly anything.  Yet, schools are closed.  They had a workday on Monday anyways.  Well, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so far have been cancelled.  I homeschool most so really doesn't effect anyone but Bojan. And, he's been a great teacher assistant all these days.  We'll do the same tomorrow as well.  Mean time, thought I'd share some pics of us out and about in the snow/ ice.

Looks like snow but this was all ICE!

We were thoroughly disappointed in the ice but totally made the best of it.  Have great group shots but can't show them for obvious reasons.  Come on court date, hurry up!

Irina and Reni setting out to go sledding in the front yard.  

I think Nik could find a place to sled in the desert to be honest.

Some of ours trying to reach the top of the hill.  It is a sheet of ice remember on a hill.

Irina ran back to get more sleds.  What sucks is two of our sleds broke over the ice.  We lost the blue one and the multi colored one.  Bummer.

Alex, crash and burn!  LOL.

To me, Summer looks so grown up here.  Not sure why.

Logan and Nik sharing a ride.  My azaleas took a beating this afternoon.

Reni and Summer sharing a ride as well.

See, they do get along!

Irina will kill me for putting this one on here but can't help it.  Think it's cute.  Getting ready to crash into the rocks.  

Alyona just being Alyona.  Don't worry, she got to sled down as well.  All of them were having fun.

Sofie doing her own thing.  She is something else lately and that is a whole other post.  Love this girl.  She dressed herself btw.  Still can't zip but she is getting better at self-care.  And, she can rule a sled!  Well, I am tired and must go to bed. Warren is sick.  First sick person of the season and since it's February, I should consider myself lucky.  Hoping it does not spread.  Much more to come!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting Ready for the Storm

As some of  you may have already heard, the south got hit by an ice storm.  Some got snow but for the most part, mostly sleet and ice.  Can't really get through on the roads at all.  Many folks are home today.  Including us.  Going nowhere yet trying to get stuff done.  But what did we do before the storm last night arrived.

Reni and Max goofing around.  Yep, house a mess waiting for impending snow that will never come.

Sofie and Little Guy playing in the playpen.  Yes, it is tipped over on purpose.  Transitioning him out of it.  It is his 'safety' zone and trying to create a new one w/ the walker.  He's having none of it but we're all working on it still.

Reni fixing Irina's hair.  Houseguest and Logan looking on the ipod and rest of them on the couch watching a movie.  

Summer, Sofie and Alyona goofing off in their room.And yes, a mess in there too.  When it snows/ ice, we just seem to forget about the messes for the day or so.

My weather watchers telling me there's nothing yet.

Alex retrieving the basketball that fell in the creek.

Homeschoolers learning why water isn't freezing in the creek yet pool is frozen solid.  Hey, why not teach them something while waiting for the snow.  And yes, my turkeys all have winter jackets that fit them.  However, older ones are way too cool for that.  URGHH!!!!

And this is all we got.  Stupid ice.  Ice is just no fun.  Seriously, where's the dog gone snow this year?!  We made the most of it and those pictures will come.  But still, we all wanted snow just one time this year.  Maybe next week???