Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Gee, this week is just escaping me.  Already Thursday.  Truly, been busy beyond belief. Trying to tie up loose lawyer ends and paperwork.  Things of that nature eat up some time.  And lots of therapy going on.  Kids had last Spanish class, tae kwon do class, and Civil War class.  So, little time to do Thoughtful Thursday but putting down what I can remember off the cuff.  More later. 

Irina-- went to help Nik sort ALL his legos.  

Max-- went to help a friend of mine move a bed to an attic.  Was thoughtful of him to do this for me. 

Bojan-- he has seen some of the homeschoolers struggling with reading comprehension and such.  He's gone to a few of them asking if they needed help on their book reports.  

Houseguest-- went to help Nik sort ALL his legos.  Trust me, a big job with all those little pieces. 

Nik-- made his friend a present.  He also saw Summer struggling with the laundry basket and went over to help her carry it.

Summer-- wanted to share her gum with me

Sofie-- Came over to give Little Guy kisses. Very thoughtful of her.  He was crying and she just wanted to make him better.  

Little Guy-- definitely giving affection.  Hugs and trying to sign I love  you.  (lots of imitating going on lately).  Also, fed me a goldfish cracker

Monday, November 17, 2014

An Angry Kind of Birthday

Okay, so going through some very old unfinished posts as well this week.  As you know, Nik is now 12yo.  This was from last year. 

I know, I'm so very far behind, I'll probably never catch up.  But, giving it a shot to be sure.  Was going to start w/ Yana since I started her post but figured I'd do a quick one on Nik instead.  His is easier to write.  And right now, I need uncomplicated.  Nik's 11th birthday is tomorrow.  Truly unreal for me to believe b/c I will forever and always see him as my baby boy.  He always was.  Always knew he'd be the last boy.  Nik counts down his b-day every year.  Loves it when Yana's comes around b/c he knows his is next.  This year, his only requests were Angry Bird requests.  He is beyond obsessed with Angry Birds.  Loves, loves, loves them!  His main requests were a lunchbox, pajamas, a backpack and water bottle.  All angry birds of course.  To give you an idea of what he wanted, you can look here.  I let them make a wish list.  Just easier then to share with others.  I need to make one for Little One next as her birthday is next week.  Yikes!  Too much growing up around this house lately.  Anyhow, here are a few pics to give you an idea of how Nik likes Angry Birds.

The anticipation is killing him.

Summer is just as intent as Nik is.

Reading cards of who it is from.  A special lady.

Nik was so dog gone happy to get an Angry Bird lunchbox.

Just admiring what he got.  Do you know he used it from that day forward.  All day long.

The Birthday Boy.  Happy to be sure!

Manic Monday

This will be a rather short post as Little Guy was up all night (literally) last night.  Tough stuff.

  • Last Spanish class this week
  • Thanksgiving is next week
  • Civil War, dance class, and all sorts of therapies
  • tutor comes and helps the kids a few days a week
  • making all sort of doc appointments for various people
  • Little Guy gets fitted for a weighted helmet this week
  • Nik gets his Neptunes this week
  • Bojan gets fitted for his legs this week I'm guessing
  • Bojan was nominated for a leadership conference
  • Irina started a new job this week
  • Max is still working
  • cleaning out RV  & winterizing
  • getting colder in NC
  • Warren's car has 3 recalls
  • trying to make his car last at least another year
  • youth group this week
  • FAS Support Group meeting
And much, much more.  However, after no sleep whatsoever last night, I just need to get to bed.  More posts this week for sure as Reni, Logan and Summer have now been home three years!  Hard to believe.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Flowers, Fixing Up and Finally

So, been a busy, busy week but I feel like we are actually accomplishing things nowadays.  So, trying to back fill some posts and finish a few things off. 

These were some of our bright fall mums we got from the farmer.  However, they were beat to death by a soccer ball.  Not even sure why I bother any more to be honest.

Okay, so we had a very, very rusty old trailer.  And I mean complete rust bucket.  Well, Max sanded the entire trailer and painted it.  Hitch, chain and all!

when he took this pic, the inside still wasn't completely painted.  but, you can see some of the rust.  He painted the outside black and inside gray.  Awesome job!  Just need two new tires now and we'll be set.  This comes in very handy to haul the trash off.  And pick up other items.

Max got his driver's license!  I know he was patient and greatly appreciate that.  He is a great driver and I've even driven with him a few times since he got it.  You know that is very  hard for a parent to do, right?  He is a very cautious driver which I like.  Knows the rules of the road.  For those with teens, waiting a few years brings much more maturity.  Now, Bojan turns 16 in  January but is in no hurry. And that is okay.  He also has to learn to drive a different way than the rest of us so I am perfectly fine with him wanting to wait a bit longer.  Irina has decided not to get her license and that is okay.  We support her on that.  If she ever changes her mind though, we'll support her then too. 

Bojan & His Legs

Today, Bojan had his PT come and work with him.  We decided to get him involved in PT for multiple reasons.  He is 15yo.  Almost 16.  He is going to be getting two new running legs, as well as a RHEO knee, and two new legs.  That being said, he'll need to learn how to use all this new equipment.  The PT evaluated him today and will be working with him once a week.  Bojan will do exercises everyday during the week and then they'll tweak on Saturdays.  This is a good set up for him.  He will not only improve his walk, but will also learn to run!  She also wants to teach him how to ride a bike.  A dream of his for a long, long time. 

These are Bojan's current legs.  He is a below knee amputee on the left side and an above knee amputee on the right.  His most recent amputation being on the left that was once a club foot.  He very rarely feels the residual limb pain.  PT asked him that this morning.

This is Frank and Bojan.  Frank is the man that keeps Bojan walking.  We have known Frank since we got back from Serbia.  Frank works w/ Limbionics.  A fantastic company here in NC.  They have truly done amazing work in more ways than one.  We owe Frank and the team there a lot.  The next few weeks will be very, very busy as Bojan gets fitted and the new legs and new running legs arrive.  This is  a major change for him but a very positive change for him I feel.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

I have not done one of these in awhile.  It's time.  And this time, I won't get to all the kids simply b/c I have forgotten to do this.  Usually, I keep better track.  For those new, we have multiple children w/ various behavioral issues and things of that nature.  Not all, but some.  It is nice if they hear at least one good thing they've done for the week.  And, to make it fair, I do it for ALL the kids.  Usually do it with all of them but haven't had time.  Next week.  For now, here goes:

This is Irina and Bojan.  They volunteered at Camp Woodbine for the deaf/ HOH families.  Was thoughtful of them to offer their time to help others enjoy a day of fun.

Max-- Max works for a company and has been allowed to bring different things home from the foreclosed homes he works on.  He really has been thoughtful and brings different items home for the family that we either need or have always wanted.  Was sweet of him to really think  of literally everyone in the family.  Brought this electric thing for Nik he always wanted.  A banjo for Warren.  And Christmas lights.  Coffee for some.  All sorts of brand new proactive products for the girls.  Something they had always wanted.  Just sweet of Max to think of everyone.  

Alex-- He has been helping others with their school work and when they get stuck.  Offering to tutor them and taking time w/ other siblings.  Notices their struggles and willing to jump in and help.  

Logan-- He has been helping Alyona with school work which is fantastic.  One of the few that has the patience for it.  

Houseguest-- Always willing to jump in and help where needed.  Thinking of others first, asking to do their hair or help w/ chores even if not hers to do.  

Reni-- One day Reni saw I was trying to get dinner together and watch Little Guy.  She stepped up and offered to go give him a bath.  Was very thoughtful of her to see a need and fill it.

Nik-- wrapped up a present to give to Dimitri (boy I babysit from time to time).  Also drew him pictures and wanted to give him a present.  Nice of him to think of someone else. 

Summer-- Been doing lots of sharing lately. 

Sofie-- today, a friend came to visit.  Earlier Sofie had made cookies.  She ran out to the van to go give her friend a cookie.

Little Guy-- I know he doesn't know much yet but is learning more and more.  He was practicing signing I love you to me.  Just thought it was sweet.

I know I missed Alyona.  Can't think off the cuff.  But will be sure to get her next week.  


Medical Stuff

With many children come medical needs.  Some are more in depth than others.  For us, we have a hodge podge but I consider ourselves to be very blessed with healthy children.  I really do.  Irina is older and goes to the doc on her own now.  Doing just fine.  Max goes on his own as well.  We all go to a family doc.  His last pediatric neurology appt. is this week.  A sign they are growing up.  Bojan is doing fine as well.  He is getting new legs and separate post on that coming up.  We did find out recently about some medical history in his bio family so will be following up here as well.  But should be fine.  Alyona is doing fine medically.  She is getting a cyst/ tumor (doc thinks more of a tumor as it seems to be solid) removed in January.  All her surgical follow ups have been fantastic. All those that have needed eye exams have gotten them.  I think I will have Sofie checked out for asthma.  Something just seems off with her.  And, think it's more than allergies.  We shall see.  If it is asthma, VERY mild.  Irina and Nik had asthma and Nik had to have a nebulizer every night.   Sofie would not even need that.  Asked the neuro yesterday but not her specialty so got nowhere fast on that one.  LOL.  Nik will be getting his Neptunes next week!  All our kids that recently went for eye checkups have done well.  Houseguest's eyes have even improved. 

Now, Little guy is most recently home and that entails lots of testing, especially, when a child is developmentally very behind.  Things thus far have all come back normal yet all the specialists are still scratching their heads and ordered more in depth testing.  I can not get into specifics until after court so things must wait.  And, with all my kids, some things are left unsaid publicly to protect them.  Fine line.  Anyhow, he is currently receiving OT, PT and speech.  He sees a myriad of specialists.  His more in depth testing ordered by genetics and neurology will be back around mid-December.  He is getting fitted for a helmet next week.  It is a weighted one.  Never had even heard of weighted helmets before him.  So, learning as we go.  Even experienced parents of special needs learn something new every day. 

Overall, nothing to complain about.  We have lucked out with equipment.  Also, everyone is healthy!  Sofie gained 5 lbs. since last year and grew two inches the neuro told us.  Since medical needs are met, academic needs to be our focus and learning.  And there is much to be done to get them on track.  For medical needs though, we are very pleased things are going as well as they are with all the kids.